La recherche au service de la performance en Santé
U.INSERM 1290 - Research​ on Healthcare Performance
Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
U.INSERM 1290 - Research​ on Healthcare Performance

PhD projects


Are you looking for a PhD project in Health Services Research ?

University Doctoral schools - PhD


  • Doctoral school : Ecole Doctorale Interdisciplinaire Sciences Santé (EDISS)



Check PhD topics proposed by HESPER lab on the EDISS website and/or

Contact us in February or March if you are interested for applying to an EDISS PhD grant (informations on EDISS website

EDISS is one of the four Doctoral Schools of Lyon-Saint Etienne University in the Life and Health Sciences sector. It is accredited by the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 and the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon.


  •  Other Doctoral Schools


Ecole Doctorale Ingénierie pour la Santé, la Cognition et l'Environnement



L'EDISCE trains students to an engineering of acquisition, of processing and of data modeling




Ecole Doctorale Education  Psychologie  Information et Communication

L'ED485 EPIC trains students in the Education Psychology Information and Communication fields




Do you know the CIFRE contracts ?

Industrial agreements for training through research (CIFRE) can be a real springboard for you to make your thesis

You will find on the website of “Association Nationale de Recherche Technologie” all the information you need to make a CIFRE





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