La recherche au service de la performance en Santé
U.INSERM 1290 - Research​ on Healthcare Performance
Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
U.INSERM 1290 - Research​ on Healthcare Performance

Research Team

TABET  Marlene

TABET Marlene

RESHAPE - Biology teacher - Phd Student
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Claude Bernard University, Lyon 1

EDISS (ED 205)

Research axis

Research Axis :

This thesis aims to analyze   the process of designing of a system for sex education in a scholastic environment which conforms to the lebanese socio-cultural context.

It’s studying how student’s perceptions along with their parent’s opinions promote the implementation of this system.

Similarly its objective is to analyze the diverse roles other stakeholders can also play and to explore haw to render teachers effective members in this process.

Year of registration : 2015-2016

Supervisors :

Dr Dominique Berger (France)

Dr Imane Khalil  (Liban)



Biology teacher at secondary sections, coordinator of science teaching and trainer for teachers in private schools in lebanaon, at the primary, intermediate and secondary sections.