La recherche au service de la performance en Santé
U.INSERM 1290 - Research​ on Healthcare Performance
Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
U.INSERM 1290 - Research​ on Healthcare Performance

Research Team

LEHOT   Jean Jacques

LEHOT Jean Jacques

PU-PH Lyon 1 / Hospital Neurologique Bron
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Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

Lyon Health Simulation Centre (CLESS, SAMSEI, Lyon 1)

Research axis



After a classical carrier as a Professor of anaesthesiology and Head of hospital department in cardiological then neurological hospital, Pr Lehot showed interest in :

  1. Health simulation as a learning tool, both procedural simulation and high fidelity simulation, within the Lyonnais Center of Teaching by Simulation in Health (CLESS). CLESS has about 20 motivated and trained teachers from various specialties: anesthesiologists, pediatricians, surgeons, emergency physicians, psychiatrists, midwives, nursing executives, anesthetist nurses, operating room nurses ... Initial training represents about two thirds of the activities. Research is being carried out to improve teaching techniques but also to improve the quality of clinical care. A University Diploma (DU FoSEI) allows to animate a network of simulation centers
  2. The Defense and Security Referents (RDS) of higher education institutions, appointed by the heads of institutions, which were set up as a collegiate body in 2011 in the Académie de Lyon. La Collégiale works at the University of Lyon. It provides training preparing the future cadres of the Nation to take their responsibilities in these fields. Concerning the Lyon 1 University, the Rencontres Universitaires Défense Entreprises (RUDE) are organized to benefit the scientific and health sectors by teaching first aid thanks to the Régiment Médical and the Ecole du Val-de-Grâce. Companies that can host trainees are represented by the EDEN Cluster. The various aspects of citizen commitments are also presented to them through the involvement of the Junior RDS.